Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Directorate General of Spatial Planning
What kind of structures to be built in coastal zones?

 What kind of structures to be built in coastal zones?

Infrastructure and facilities for public use of the coast and to protect the coast:
•     Pier, Port, Shelter, Berth (the infrastructure and superstructure facilities required by these structures)
•     Breakwater, Harbor Launch, Boathouse, Discharge Station, Pumping Station, Salina, Bridge, Fishery, Retaining Wall, Lighthouse, Culvert.
Structures and facilities which are not possible to be built in places other than coasts as per their activities:
•     Shipyard, Ship Dismantling Place
•     Aquaculture Production and Growing Facilities
•     Cruise Ports
•     Marinas
•     Fishing Ports
Coast Edge Line Works:
Coast edge lines prepared by the Governorship Coast Edge Line Determination Committees according to the Coastal Law 3621 are approved by the Ministry. 
A work of 45% was added to the coastal edge line determination works of 54% completed between 1975 and 2010 within the scope of the Project for Completing the Determination of Coast Edge lines, approvals were given for 8660 map sheets and 99% of the coast edge lines were determined.
Also, coast edge line of important lakes of Turkey such as Lakes Van, Burdur and Çıldır were completed within this period. 
Coast edge lines of the seas, lakes and streams of the country will be complied in coordination, the approved coast edge lines will be associated with the Cadastre Data Consolidation of Land Registry and Cadastre General Directorate and a coast edge line information system will be created until the end of 2015. 
With the aim of completing the coast edge lines of the lakes within the scope of True Orthophoto Project conducted by the Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems of the Ministry, it is planned to complete the flights to create true orthophotos to determine the coast edge lines of 4 lakes (Lake Erçek, Lake Karakaya Dam, Lake Akşehir, Lake Tuz). 
Within the scope of the project to present all the data of the Ministry in a single system, which is implemented by the Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems, coast edge line data started to be presented  web site starting from 2015.