Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Directorate General of Spatial Planning
Habitat III


The General Directorate carries out the activities as the national focal point for UN-Habitat.
The third of the Habitat Conferences that has been organized once in every 20 years will be held in Ecuador in 2016.
National reports, which will provide the basis for "the Global and Regional Reports", have been prepared by the countries within the scope of preparation works for the Conference during which 'the New Urban Agenda' will be determined.
For this purposes, "Turkey Habitat III National Report" was prepared with a participatory process in coordination of the Ministry.
Turkey Habitat III National Report contains predictions regarding issues, which have been emerging in the urbanization agenda of Turkey such as "urban demography", "land and city planning", "environment and urbanization", "urban governance and legislation", "urban economy" and "housing and basic services", the works that were done, the experiences that were acquired and the predictions regarding the future.
The process is being continued with participating to the preparation meetings for the Conference.