Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Directorate General of Spatial Planning
Ataturk Culture Center Urban Design Works

Ataturk Culture Center Urban Design Works

With the aim of rehabilitation, adornment, renewing and reviving "Atatürk Culture Center Area" comprised of 5 sections covering approximately 148 hectares and by taking the opinion of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the authority to conduct and prepare any kind of surveys, maps, plans and parcellation plans, building projects, having these works done by others, approving, nationalization and licensing these works and conducting other relevant procedures and works was given to our Ministry by the law 6306.
Within this framework, Academic Meetings were organized with the participation of academicians form the departments of urban planning, regional planning, architecture and landscape architects by means of "Atatürk Culture Center Area Joint Minds Workshop"  and through the participation of universities, local administrations, professional chambers, public institutions and organizations in order to reveal the potential regarding Atatürk Culture Center, to determine the  problems and to make vision, strategy and action decisions.  "National Urban Design Competition" was decided to be organized for the area as a result of Workshops and "Academic Meetings".
It is aimed to obtain an urban design project that will cover the area as a whole in terms of the relevant legislation, the historical context of the area, its identity values and unique position in the city, tis relation with the city, urban needs and the potential to develop an infrastructure.