Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Directorate General of Spatial Planning
Ankara Yenimahalle Demetevler,Demetlale, Demetgul Transformation Master Plan

Ankara Yenimahalle Demetevler,Demetlale, Demetgul 

Transformation Master Plan

Demetevler Area is one of the important problematic areas of the city of Ankara containing unplanned settlements and risky building stocks.
With the project in question, it was aimed to determine the stock of unhealthy, unsafe, unlicensed buildings or buildings conflicting with the requirements of the licenses and their annexes which did not have sufficient engineering services and to restructure the quality of life by means of the subsequent transformation.
Services such as “Current Status Analysis”, “Preparation of Technical Report”, “Preparation of the Transformation Model” and preparation of “the Application Guide” were received regarding the project area.