Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Directorate General of Spatial Planning
Department consists of the following three divisions.
?     Division of Urban Design
?     Division of Brand Cities
?     Division of Project Management
Urban Design Works
The objectives of the Directorate General in order to turn the cities into «brand» cities to improve the prosperity level of the people, to contribute to the development of the country and to prepare these cities for global competition are;
?     To protect natural, cultural and historical values with Urban Design Projects and create sustainable cities with high quality of life, aesthetic and visual value.
It was aimed to prepare land development plans according to the urban design concept for the first time by ensuring urban design projects are integrated to the land development plans.
Within this context;
?     Master plans and/or urban design projects in special project areas that will increase the brand value of the cities and contribute to their development and the housings requiring special construction works
?     In the application areas to be used by TOKİ according to the Illegal Housing Law 775 and the Mass Housing Law 2985

In Risky Areas , Reserve Building Areas and Application Areas including  Risky Structures