Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Directorate General of Spatial Planning
Department consists of the following four divisions.
?     Division of Shorline
?     Division of Land and Terrain Regulation
?     Division of Real Estate and Expropriation
?     Division of Mapping
Mapping and Implementation of Development Plan Works
Mapping and implementation of development plans are being conducted
?    In the areas authorized by the  Ministerial Cabinet,
?    In the public investments under the responsibility of the central government,
?    In lands and plots which are public property,
?    In the practices made by Public Housing Administration (TOKİ) within the scope of Housing Law 2985 and the Law   775,
?    In the areas declared as “Disaster Risk Areas” and “Reserve Housing Areas” within the scope of Law 6306,
?    In the new settlement areas to be created according to the Disaster Law 7269,
?    In Special Project Areas,
?    In the coastal zones, filled areas and the coastlines.
Coast edge lines prepared by the Governorship Coast Edge Line Determination Committees according to the Coastal Law 3621 are approved by the Ministry.  A work of 45% was added to the coastal edge line determination works of 54% completed between 1975 and 2010 within the scope of the Project for Completing the Determination of Coast Edge lines, approvals were given for 8660 map sheets and 99%  of the coast edge lines were determined.