Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Directorate General of Spatial Planning
Department consists of the following two divisions.
?     Division of Legislation Development
?     Division of Implementation
Legislation Works
Legislation Department makes the following works.
?     To develop the Land Development Law according to planned development objectives within the scope of spatial plans,
?     To ensure that other legislations are in compliance with the Land Development Law,
?     To guide municipalities, public institutions and organizations regarding the new planning understanding and concepts and to ensure relevant trainings are given,
?     To manage the practices according to the new legislation,
?     To ensure the process regarding the approval of plans is monitored,
?     To investigate the national and international legislations and practices regarding settlement and planning issues and to conduct works to adapt the appropriate ones to the land  development legislation.
Activities that are conducted by the Legislation Department:
?     Changes in the Land Development Law 3194 and the Draft for Revisions
?     Regulation for the Preparation of Spatial Plans
?     Guidance in terms of land development planning for the Municipalities, Governorships and other relevant administrations
?     The Coast Law 3621 and the Regulation regarding the Application of the Coast Law
?     Guiding and directing public institutions and organizations in planning within the scope of the relevant legislation
?     Training in the subjects of coats and spatial planning